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Silicone and TPE are the most commonly used materials for making sex dolls. But silicone, in particular, allowed a greater degree of realism. The most expensive sex dolls are usually made from silicone. Silicone love dolls are much heavier than latex inflatable dolls. Because silicone dolls can pose in different positions, they are popular as models among artists and photographers.

Silicone is arguably the best sex doll material. Today, it is still the most commonly used material for making high-end sex dolls and sex robots.

The Advantages Of Using Silicone Sex Dolls

The use of silicone sex dolls has increased vastly in the past few years, with major developments in the industry spearheading the modernization of these dolls with new and innovative features, making them more lifelike with the passage of age. Some dolls even have artificial intelligence in them, making it possible for you to interact with your adult partner. One such innovation in the field of sex dolls is the use of silicone as the core raw material that the doll has been made from.

Why pleasure dolls before were unrealistic?

Earlier, the ordinary dolls were of inflatable nature, where you had to blow-in air in order to inflate the doll that looked somewhat like a human. Moreover, the material used in these dolls were usually slippery, hard and rough plastic that made them feel as unreal as possible when compared to an actual woman. Moreover, the texture of this material made for very uncomfortable sex. Furthermore, the molding in these inflatable pleasure dolls was rigid, making them less likely to be stretched and bent. This resulted in more unrealistic sexual experiences. The material further resulted in the doll to look farthest from the aesthetic qualities that a real woman’s appearance is supposed to have.

How silicone changed the pleasure doll industry?

The use of silicone on the other hand, eradicated these problems and helped create a pleasure doll that is almost identical to a real woman in both looks and feel. Silicone is a high-end raw material that is quite costly and has a rubbery texture, which is very similar to the sensation of real skin. The closeness of this material with real skin makes it the best choice for representing skin in a doll or toy, thereby becoming so popular in this industry. Moreover, high-end silicone dolls can be platinum cured, which enable them to retain their soft and supple texture for a long period of time. Being highly customizable, silicone is the best material that can be used to mimic certain parts of the body that have soft skin, which may include the mouth’s inside, vaginal cavities and the nose.

They are also stretchable and can be easily bent, allowing you to enjoy every real sensation and position that you might expect from a woman that you are making love with. Silicone is also a very unlikely material to cause allergies and therefore, is popularly used in the pleasure doll industry to produce pleasure dolls that are safe to use. Some expensive models have high-quality skeletons and medical-grade macro molecular silicone used to make them and is a sturdy item that will last you for a lifetime and can also be used in every way desirable, without having to worry about damage and stretching issues.

Seven benefits that the use of silicone has on sex dolls

The benefits surrounding the use of silicone in the making of adult dolls is many, and it has revolutionized the industry, becoming the most preferred raw material in pleasure dolls above any. This section lists seven such benefits that silicone has brought to the adult doll industry. They include:

  • Softer than other materials- The first and foremost benefit that silicone provides is that they are softer as compared to the other materials sex dolls are made from. Silicone is by far the closest to how real skin is supposed to feel and therefore makes the perfect choice to be used in pleasure dolls. Moreover, they are stretchable and can be used for both rough and passionate sex.
  • Fashionable and classy appearance- Silicone partners have become so popular owing to the simple fact that they are fashionable to look at and feel, and provide an essence of class and sophistication to your pleasure doll. Being expensive as well, silicone truly is the choice that aristocrats and rich people make while buying their pleasure dolls. However, if you have planned on buying a doll for yourself, choosing a silicone variant is a great decision because this material is truly value for money.
  • Durable- Silicone is a highly durable material and if your adult doll is a posh model, then chances are that it has also been platinum cured. Platinum curing protects the silicone used from losing its softness over time, by ensuring that the oils present in this material does not get released, through the careful placement of a protection layer. Silicone is also durable, making it ideal for long usage. It does not break easily and therefore, can be used aggressively as well. Most silicone adult dolls have metal skeletons, making them reasonably sturdy and having joints that do not buckle with age.
  • Best suited for the creation of certain body parts- Certain body parts in a woman are distinguishably different from other similar parts. The difference lies mainly in the kind of skin that this area has. Some examples of such areas can be the vaginal cavity and lining, inside the mouth, anal cavity and lining, and nose. Silicone is best suited to mimic the sensation that each of these body parts should possess if a real woman is considered. Owing to its property of being almost identical to these parts with softer skin tissue, silicone enables you to have the highest amount of satisfaction while fucking your pleasure doll.
  • You can practice various sexual positions- Silicone is a material that you can bend and stretch like the skin of a real woman. Moreover, silicone is commonly used in higher-end pleasure dolls, thereby ensuring that these dolls can be positioned like real women in the most realistic manner. This is possible due to the strong joints that such dolls have. Therefore, you can mimic various sexual positions and fulfill every dirty fantasy that you might have had. It is also a great way to increase your virility, and become better while having sex with a real person.

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