3D Toys Torso Doll Silicone for Men Made of TPE and Titanium Alloy MoiDol Real Sex Doll Woman Medium Skin Brown Eyes



Size: Medium  |  Color: Brown Eyes

Material:male tpe doll is made of medical TPE.Tensile degrees reach 550%,so durability is stronger;In addition,the material is super soft,so realistic doll for men can give you the most natural human skin texture.
Maintenance and Clean:
Receiving love male doll, please make a clean body immediately to get rid of odors and then rub talcum powder keep love male doll dry and smooth. Adult female dolls should be cleaned every 30 days with mild shower foam.The head should be taken off and cleaned separately. Please keep the head of male adult doll away from water.
Package Size:65*30*24cm;
Doll Size:58*28*16cm;
Upper chest circumference:62cm;
Lower chest circumference:45cm;
Vaginal depth:18cm;
Anus length:18CM;
Mouth depth:12CM.
Accessories as free presents:
Vagina cleaner,1;
Underwear(They are random,not the same as that in the pictures),2;
Hair(one is the same as in the pictures,the other is random),2;
Heating rod,1;(Heating time is 5-10 minutes)
Anti-static comb,1;
Cardboard lined with whippy sponge.
Notes:If you have any problem,please write us for after-sale services to your full satisfaction before your any review.